Gong Show: Comedy as Blood Sport!

Comedy where the audience decides1Four audience members are randomly selected as judges. Other audience members can try to influence them who finishes and who wins.

Fast and Furious.

Fast paced performance.

In the first round, every performer only has 5 minutes, if they last that long. The judges can vote them off at any time for any reason.

Then there are short semifinals between the best four from the previous round and a final where the two semi-final winners get a last chance to avoid being voted off.

Feedback Encouraged

Ever sat politely through a comedy show wishing the current act would hurry up and finish? What a waste of six minutes of your life. We encourage heckling, cheering and booing.

  • Want them gone? Boo them off.
  • Love them? Cheer them on.
  • Decide you have something to say? Say it.
  • (Don’t) Like the judges decision? Let them know.

Performer Sign-up

If you’ve done a couple of comedy open mics (or more) we’d love to have you on our stage. Sign-up is through a Google Form here.

Want to know more?

Our format is described in more detail here.